Japanese Kanji Images

Flower / Hana

readings : Hana.

meanings : a flower. a blossom. a bloom.

There is two kinds of kanji of "Hana".

This kanji is chiefly used.
flower_01    flower_02    flower_03

flower_04    flower_05    flower_06

flower_07    flower_08    flower_09

flower_10    flower_11    flower_12

The following meaning is added to this kanji.
Gorgeousness, quintessence, and showiness.
flower_2_01    flower_2_02    flower_2_03

flower_2_04    flower_2_05    flower_2_06

flower_2_07    flower_2_08    flower_2_09

flower_2_10    flower_2_11    flower_2_12

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