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July / Shichigatsu, Fumidzuki

kanji meanings :
  • Shichi = seven, the seventh.

  • Gatsu = a month, the moon (= Tsuki).
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Fumi-dzuki (or Fu-dzuki).
Another name from old times in July.
About the meaning that this words express, the most famous theory is "The month of writing".
This established theory is based on the old manners and customs of the Star Festival.
(Poetry is written, and the book is exposed to an night wind.)

However, another theory exists, because it is thought that this customs were spread from China to Japan at the Nara era (or Nara period, AD 710 to 794).
Another theory is "The month when the ear of a rice plant contains the seed".
= Fukumidzuki. (Fuku(-mu) = contain, include.)
  • Fumi = a letter, a note, mail.
    a sentence, writing, a composition, a style. (= Bun)

  • Dzuki = a month, the moon (= Tsuki).
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