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October / Juugatsu, kannadzuki

kanji meanings :
  • Juu = ten, the tenth.

  • Gatsu = a month, the moon (= Tsuki).
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Another name from old times in October.
The literal translation is "The month without gods".
As for the origin of this word, the most famous theory is "The month where gods and goddess in Japanese various places gather in Izumo Grand Shrine".
The people who live in Izumo call this month “Kami-ari-dzuki" = "The month where gods stay”.
  • Kan = Kami = God, the Lord, the Almighty, the Creator, a god, a goddess, a deity.

  • Na = nothing, zero (= Mu).

  • Dzuki = a month, the moon (= Tsuki).
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