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turning everything to one's own advantage.
selfish. self-seeking. self-centered. self-centred.

Water is irrigated only to one's own rice paddy.

kanji meanings :
  • Ga = the ego. the self.
    willfulness. wilfulness. self-assertion. self-will. selfishness.
    I. oneself. (= Ware).

  • Den = a rice paddy. a rice field. a paddy field. a paddy. (= Ta).

  • In = pull. draw. jerk. haul. tug. tow. (Hi(-pparu)).
    pull back. draw back. withdraw.
    lead. subtract. deduct. reduce.
    be connected. lay on. (= Hi(-ku)).

  • Sui = water. a fluid. a liquid. (= Mizu).
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