Japanese Kanji Images


a jumble of good and bad. a mixture of wheat and chaff.

kanji meaning :
  • Gyoku =
    It is a meaning of "gem", "jewel", or "precious stone" in this case.
    (= Tama).

  • Seki = stone. a stone. a rock. a pebble.
    It is a meaning of "worthless stone" in this case. (= Ishi).

  • Kon-kou = a confused mixture. a mixture. a jumble.
gyokusekikonkou_01    gyokusekikonkou_02    gyokusekikonkou_03

gyokusekikonkou_04    gyokusekikonkou_05    gyokusekikonkou_06

gyokusekikonkou_07    gyokusekikonkou_08    gyokusekikonkou_09

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