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Strong cavalryman who can beat a lot of enemies alone.
Thing of such very good job.

kanji meaning :
  • I(k) = Ichi = a. one. the first. the beginning. an ace.

  • Ki = This is a unit of number used in order to count the horseman.
    The one unit is "a horse and the one person".

  • I-kki = a horseman.
    a rider. a cavalryman. a knight. a jockey.

  • Tou = hit. strike. touch. beat. lash.
    win. draw. be a (big) hit. be a (great) success.
    be equal. be equivalent. correspond.
    face. face up to. meet. undertake. take charge of.
    (= A(-taru)).

  • Sen = a thousand. the thousandth.
    In this case, it becomes a meaning of "very a lot of things".
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