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The finishing touches.
The finishing strokes.

A priest painted dragon's picture.
The dragon soared high into the sky when the priest finally painted eyes.
This idiom signify the important finishing touches.

kanji meanings :
  • Ga = a picture. a painting. a sketch. a drawing. an illustration. (= E).
    a stroke. (= Kaku).

  • Ryou = Ryuu = a dragon.

  • Ten = a dot. a point. a speck.
    a punctuation mark. a period. a decimal point.
    a mark. a grade. a score. a run. a goal.
    a standpoint. a viewpoint. an aspect. a respect. a way.
    a piece.

  • Sei = the pupil. the pupil of an eye.
    (This kanji is not much used. )
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