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an astounding. a sensational. earthshattering. startling.
an astounding event. a sensational event. an earthshaking event.

kanji meaning :
  • Kyou = be surprised. be astonished. be amazed.
    be astounded. be taken aback. be shocked. wonder. marvel.
    be frightened. be horrified. be alarmed. be startled. (Odoro(-ku)).

  • Ten = the sky. Heaven. God. Providence. heaven.

  • Dou = move. run. stir. budge. shift. transfer.
    shake. swing. sway. work. go. act.
    be moved. be touched. be influenced.
    change. vary. fluctuate. (= Ugo(-ku)).

  • Chi = the earth. the ground. land. soil. territory. a place.
The heaven is surprised and the ground is moved.
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