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If you fear the mere darkness, it will look like the evil spirit.
Suspicion breeds phantoms. All seem to be doubtful.
If you had distrusted one's then all seem to be suspect.

kanji meaning :
  • Gi = doubt. be doubtful. be skeptical. be sceptical.
    suspect. be suspicious.
    distrust. mistrust. be skeptical. (= Utaga(-u)).

  • Shin = the mind. mind. mental. the heart. a feeling.
    consideration. sympathy.
    a heart. a soul. a spirit. a will. (= Kokoro).

  • An = dark. dusky. dim. gloomy.
    depressing. depressed. shady.
    not familiar. not well acquainted. be a stranger. be ignorant.
    (= Kura(-i)).

  • Ki = an ogre. a devil. a demon. a spirit.
    a tagger. (= Oni).
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